Sunday, April 11, 2010

Talking Point 7

Whoops somehow completely missed doing this post last week, better late than never....I hope :)

While researching gender and education online, I did find that almost all of the results focused on higher education, there wasn't very much information on gender and k-12 education. what information there was seemed to focus either on single-sex classrooms or females and science and math classes. This website has links to many different articles, again, most of them focus on higher education but there is a lot of interesting information in them. Doing this reaearch has opened my eyes to a lot of things, before this assignment I would have said that I did not notice any differences in the education males and females recieved in the schools I attended as a child, once again my "lens" has been cracked and my eyes opened to things I never noticed before, such as the middle school I attended had both male and female students both take woodworking and sewing class, however the girls could somehow earn an "A" in woodworking by sweeping the floor and cleaning up the sawdust from the boys projects. If a female student did attempt a project of her own, the (male) teacher was right there, practically doing the whole thing himself. This class just keeps adding more and more things that we need to be aware of as we become teachers, I'm starting to feel like another knapsack is being added to my back, filled with all of the stuff we are learning in this course, and it is much heavier than the "white priviledge knapsack".

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